Seagate Brings Down The Gavel On SSD Manufacturers

In what is brewing to be another one of the endless patent disputes we hear about in the tech world Seagate is planning on bringing SSD manufacturers to court, starting with STEC. Solid-state drives sales are slowly but surely picking up sales and before they reach a critical juncture Seagate has planned to jump in and protect their patents.

Their are four patents that Seagate feels STEC has violated: memory-backup systems, error correction, and storage interfaces with computers. We can presume these patents would also be used in pursuit of other SSD builders if Seagate continues down this path. They had apparently tried to work with STEC in licensing the patents though STEC denies such claims.

Will other manufacturers be on the way? Will Seagate’s patent give them a victory and a nearly exclusive claim to the SSD market? Stay tuned for a later edition of “As the Patent Turns”.

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