Blu-Ray adoption slows down, Can you tell HD from SD?

n the wake of the HD format wars we now have one conclusive victor standing tall a top the hillside. Blu-Ray may have beat out HD DVD but it has a long way to go to overthrow DVD and recent sales are showing just that.

The NPD, (those same cats who track video game console sales), noted that sales of standalone players dropped 40% between Jan. and Feb. The have taken a slight upswing since buy no where near the level the Blu-Ray consortium has hopped. I have to imagine that the PS3 is not included in those standalone numbers as it’s sales have risen almost every month.

The big winner is still DVD and upconverting DVD players. Sales of the later are rising and DVDs still sell like hot cocoa in the Arctic circle.

Some people aparrently cannot tell the difference between between DVD and HD content. I think they must be blind, or some of those tards who buy HD players and play them on SDTVs and wonder why they don’t look amazing. If you can’t see a difference between a Spiderman 3 DVD on my 27″ SDTV vs. Spiderman 3 on Blu-Ray on my 42″ 1080p you have to be nearly blind. Now if the justification was the added resolution isn’t needed, so be it. But saying they can’t see it is absurd.

As the NY times notes Blu-Ray has a lot of ground to cover to reach mass adoption in the marketplace. A $200 price point come the holiday season, with internet connectivity, profile 2.0, would surely help.

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