NVIDIA software proclaims GPU superiority

Apparently after NVIDIA launches its GeForce 9800GX2 and 9800GTX video cards and nForce 780a, 790i and Ultra motherboards, it will launch a piece of software designed to show why GPUs are more important than CPUs. Of course this is bound to ruffle feathers with CPU manufacturers like Intel. To us, a proclamation like this seems pretty obvious. To the typical consumer bombarded with all kinds of crazy technology ads on a daily basis, it will probably be a surprise.

This software is supposed to show that a low-end CPU paired with a powerful GPU will perform better than a high-end CPU paired with a budget GPU. Of course if we are talking about games then this is a no-brainer, but certainly a faster CPU is more beneficial to everyday computing than a faster GPU. And, while recent games are becoming more graphically intense, a good deal of the really popular games out there do not require that much GPU. In fact, these games are often considered ‘CPU limited’, meaning the frame rate will only be as good as the CPU allows. In such cases, and they are many, a powerful CPU will be far more beneficial than a powerful GPU.

Clearly this software will be a good marketing tool for NVIDIA, and for now it holds true for newer games. Consumers would be better off getting a “high-end” GPU for $200-300 and a relatively low-end CPU in the $150 range than a high-end CPU for $400+ and a low-end GPU in the $100 range. We maintain that quad-core processing is quite nice, but for gaming, dual-core is still nearly as good. Until games are coded to work on more than 2 threads with any kind of performance benefit, NVIDIA’s message with this software will be a good one to listen to.

Source: Fudzilla

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