About FPSLabs

FPSLabs.com is a hardware, software, and technology review publication for competitive gamers. Founded in October of 2005 under the name GotFrag Hardware, FPSLabs.com (FPS meaning Frames Per Second) provides product evaluations, technology editorials, and event coverage from a gamer’s perspective. Readers enjoy strictly non-biased reviews, news updates, and insider articles regarding a broad spectrum of computer-related products and happenings. The FPSLabs community, largely constituted of technology-savvy gamers, populates the message board and user blogs with invaluable information on a day to day basis.

Over the years, FPSLabs has become known for several defining features that reoccur on our site. Our Hardware Price guides are highly-regarded amongst our community as being solid recommendations for computer purchasing according to budget. FPSLabs’ overclocking guides are considered some of the most beginner-friendly available, and consequently are referred to quite often in overclocking-oriented message boards across the web. FPSLabs readers have also taken a distinct liking to our “What’s In YOUR Tower?” series, where we provide profiles of the computers and setups of professional gamers alongside community members. On the software side, our “Games We Play” series acts as a dynamic means for reviewing and previewing the latest video games to hit the market.

FPSLabs reviews have garnered international acclaim, and our endorsements have even warranted inclusion on product packaging from various companies. If you or your company is interested in being involved with FPSLabs, we would direct you to our contact information below. Any companies interested in advertising on the FPSLabs.com website should consult our advertising page.